Toronto Money Pit: How To Cut Glass Tile

So now I felt bad for not getting the work done myself, and for taking this joy away from a man who doesn’t like to relax. So, while I hope that this is my last bathroom renovation, I have a bad feeling that in a few months, I’ll forget the pain that I’m feeling right now and get myself into this mess again. So, instead of using a wet saw with a special blade, you can score the glass tile. Or, is that my tired eyes blurring the glass mosaic tile into a checkered flag? I also used the mitre box with our cheap hacksaw to cut the metal tile trim for the sink backsplash. It is important to point out that I only have a cheap plastic mitre box with handsaw that somebody leant us 2 years ago, so that slowed me down a bit. Some people recommend making a pilot hole, but I have found that by simply starting the bit on slow speed in the oil solution, it bites into the tile very well and guides itself. The carbide bit makes its own pilot hole, but you need to hold the bit steady. 11. As the drill bit begins to bite into the tile, you will notice that the oil solution will actually begin to change color as the surface layer of the tile is drilled through and the interior clay is penetrated.

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3. Once you have this carbide tile bit, get some plumbers putty and some light air tool oil. 4. What we are going to is build a small oil reservoir on top of the tile that you want to cut using the plumbers putty. You do not want any leaks. You want to put in enough oil to keep the carbide bit lubricated the entire time that it is in contact with the tile. If you are working with loose tiles that you are installing, get a piece of MDF board large enough to place behind the tile. 12. Keep the drill bit speed consistent as you drill through the entire piece of tile. 5. Take a normal variable speed drill – DO NOT USE A HAMMERDRILL – and install the carbide tile cutting bit into the chuck. We recommend a quality premium polymer modified thinset mortar for most normal porcelain tile installations.

Well, as it turns out, it takes a bit more time than I thought, but much less thinset. He didn’t really agree, but next thing I knew, he was mixing up the thinset with a stick and I was slapping the tiles up (and then franticly putting tile spacers in to keep them from sliding together). Tips & Warnings – Do not apply too much pressure when you first drill as the drill and bit can slip away from the marked point and scratch the tile. If you are looking for something new and updated and to add a bit of style to the Kitchen consider the Dimensions glass tile. An ordinary tile cutter just shatters or crushes glass tile. After two failed attempts, and a few fruitless phone calls to hardware and tile stores, we hit the road looking for the ultimate tile cutter. When I drive down Toronto’s Lakeshore boulevard, I always flashback to those last few kilometers of the first half marathon that I ran.

But as I turned away from the lake and ran towards the CN Tower, I could hear the people cheering at the finish line, and I just pretended that they were all cheering for me. But, the bottom line is that the tiles are up and the trim is now painted, and we are ready to move onto the next task in this fun renovation. I didn’t need his help finishing up the tile and trim. Oh, we are so close to finishing this lengthy renovation. While grout-staining problems are extremely rare when using Porcelain tile products, a small test patch is recommended when using a dark grout over a light-colored tile, or vice versa. Just as with laying ceramic tile, laying porcelain tile can be tedious and time consuming work, there are many accepted installation techniques, and in most cases there is a reason for that. Take special note of any cuts that will need to be made (this the biggest different between porcelain vs ceramic tile installation projects). In most cases a wet saw is the best tool to cut porcelain tile with. The tricky part with installing glass tiles is how to cut glass tile. I also brings a smoother cut and less chipping as the diamonds are smaller and closer together.

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Suitable substrates include, but are not limited to, exterior grade plywood, cement backer board, concrete, mortar beds, cement plaster, and existing ceramic. Just as with installing any other ceramic tile each of these acceptable substrates may require various different methods of preparation. Also because porcelain is pressed under higher pressure than other tiles it is more dense than regular ceramic tile. One of the biggest contributors to breaking porcelain tile when trying to install is due to the wrong or a dull blade. When cutting porcelain tile be sure to always use a very sharp or even a new blade. The higher firing temperatures also give porcelain tile flooring a much lower rate of absorption. After you have finished installing porcelain tile, a polymer-modified, liquid-latex fortified or epoxy grout should be used. If I’d known that he has such a deep desire to escape life with my sister for a day in exchange for some thankless hard labour at my house, I wouldn’t have stolen his dream. Anyway, I didn’t fully regret my decision until the next day at my niece’s birthday party when RoboMike continuously teased me about “firing” him. I told RoboMike (a.k.a.

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