Plugged Drain Maintenance

Most venomous spiders have been brought over from foreign countries on container ships, and many die quite quickly due to the lower temperatures. No drain field. My kids had fun playing in the huge pile of sand the contractor brought before the new septic system was excavated and installed. Clean water is brought into the house while dirty water is removed from the home through the use of spigots, drains, pipes, etc. We do not really question where it comes from or where it goes, but we expect it to come and go as we desire and it is not until we are a bit older that we realize someone is making sure that everything flows smoothly. The house sat empty for a few years and vandals set fire on the floor. The sink was on counter that protruded from a corner capturing nearly all the limited floor space. We still have a trap door in the floor where a bucket could be lowered for ”fetchin’ a pail of water for warshin”. Tape it to the back door.

Even if they bite you, you are not allowed to bite them back. Adders are usually very shy creatures, and will not attack unless cornered, threatened or hungry. Understanding the basics of how plumbing works will make it easier to know what to watch for, how to maintain things from day to day, and when to make that dreaded call to the plumber before things get even worse. Understanding those parts will make it easier to recognize problems that may develop with your plumbing. This is important to know because if you ever have a pipe to burst you will need to shut off the water quickly to avoid your home being flooded. The city provides the water to the home from a pressurized system that reaches your pipes by passing through a water main where the amount of water is measured for billing purposes. The supply subsystem brings fresh water into the home and works mostly through a pressurized system that forces the water in when a valve is opened somewhere in the system. But this explanation oversimplifies the drainage subsystem which in reality is more complex than the pressurized supply subsystem.

Plugged Drain Maintenance trap door in the floor

This downward flow continues until it reaches the city’s sewage system which then uses the same configuration to eventually move the waste to a sewage treatment plant where the water is purified and returned to water supply. This curved configuration allows water to flow through but leaves enough water trapped to keep sewer gases from coming back into the home. The water will run under the tub. When we moved in the bathroom had a home-made round wooden tub with a shower head. The shower drains like when it was new. I re-located all the bathroom fixtures and toilet, installed a neo-angle shower stall, old iron claw foot tub, new sink, ceiling tile, window and wallpaper. I looked down to see a 2 foot snake at my feet. Hot, caustic drain openers actually become diluted and weaker as they travel down through the pipes. All this with no messy plunging or caustic chemicals!

Plugged Drain Maintenance laying on my back in

My beardie did not defecate for about two weeks the I noticed a hard lump in his lower stomach I gave him two crickets dipped in vegetable oil and put him in about 100°F water and rubbed the lump towards his vent for about five minutes and as soon as I stopped he started to wiggle his back legs then took the biggest poop I’ve even seen come out of him and I found two eraser sized sand balls of sand. It’s just that the blockage was lower down, where all three drains empty into the sewer line. This is because all three drains empty into the same sewer line. It is now just an empty concrete lined hole with a portion of the wall missing. Hold plunger by the top of the handle and place plunger head inside the toilet bowl over the drain hole. Those hand weights lived on top of my toilet lid for the remainder of my least (like at least a year!) and beyond.

Plugged Drain Maintenance Even if they bite you

I also found that the walls were not square, after test fitting an L-shaped pre-fab counter top. Guess what. Another week crawling in the dirt with the spiders, and fitting plumbing and routing wiring laying on my back in the dark with a flashlight in my mouth. I installed new counter tops and cupboards, a window, dishwasher, and spent a week of my vacation crawling under the house in the dirt, becoming friendly with the spiders, and waiting for a snake to crawl up my pant leg. One of his sons lived in the house for years until he died. One aspect of your home that can be costly to repair and therefore should be thoroughly monitored and maintained is the plumbing. If it saves you one trip from the plumber, it will have paid for a lifetime of Bio-Clean! Note if the sink is full of water it will pour out of this hole, if that’s the case use a bucket to catch the water.

Plugged Drain Maintenance The supply subsystem brings