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I use hot water and stir it for two minutes making sure all of the powder is dissolved. 4. Apply two coats of a high quality acrylic latex paint, allowing drying time between coats. Vinyl siding comes with integral insulation and is rated at 25 percent more energy efficient than paint, which can mean long-term energy savings and short-term green energy tax breaks. Siding will age and fade. It may last longer than a paint job if installed correctly, but it will have to be repaired and replaced periodically. A professional paint job on the same kind of house costs between $1,500 and $3,000. In either case, you may receive a discount on preparation if you buy it from the same contractor you hire to apply the new paint or install the new siding. I refer to the narrow dimension of the siding. After that experience, I’d never buy a house with vinyl siding unless I had the cash to rip it off and refinish the fascia. In the 1980s, everybody painted their houses with blue fascia and cream soffits. Siding is standard, old houses are not.

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The siding trapped moisture underneath, giving us quite a few problems. If installed incorrectly (far too easy to install it INcorrectly), it can create more problems than it solves. Of course, this is doubly important on an exterior, where your surface can be even dirtier and more weathered. The goal is to remove all mold, mildew, chalky buildup, and debris from the surface. The most important thing about painting vinyl siding is to make sure that the surface of the vinyl is completely clean, dry and dust-free. Installing vinyl siding on a one-story, three-bedroom home costs as low as $3,600 and as much as $13,000, depending on your region and which contractor you hire. However, if you live in the burbs, or in an area with newer homes vinyl away. In fact, painting vinyl actually requires less prep work than painting other types of siding, such as brick, wood or hardboard. Then the siding goes into a landfill and you have to put more siding on because putting back the wood features of the house that were carved up from the installing the first siding is too cost-prohibitive.

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Vinyl siding has always looked incredibly “cheap” to me, even though it isn’t. We have vinyl siding. I urge you to use it to help with cleaning your vinyl siding. If you have a hundred year old home in a neighborhood filled with such homes, vinyl siding should be a crime punishable by dismemberment. Should I Paint My Siding With a Similar Color Shade? Then, you can apply the paint. Vinyl, the most common type of siding as of 2013, can run from $2 to $7 per square foot, depending on style, quality and region. 2. Rinse the siding with a garden hose equipped with a spray nozzle, and allow it to dry. This is best achieved with a spray system; HVLP is the best way to avoid a lot of overspray. And when you’re talking about vinyl siding, one of the best ways to really get it clean is to use a TSP solution, or trisodium phosphate—maybe a stiff bristle nylon brush. The number one reason people caution against painting vinyl siding is that vinyl expands and contracts much more significantly than other materials as temperature changes. If you plan to own your home for a long time, one issue with any kind of artificial siding is that if there is any water infiltration (and there will be at least a little), the damage that the water may be doing to the wooden structural members of the house will be concealed.

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If your wood siding is in good shape except for the paint, I would highly recommend keeping it. If I paint, there will be a lot of prep work required as I would want to strip most of the paint which has alligatored. That included powerwashing, scraping, caulking – all of the prep work too. If you plan to do the work yourself, siding requires specialized tools that cost up to $100. Plus, personal aesthetics bring me to seethe at the very mention of siding. If the house is pretty nondescript and you aren’t concerned with aesthetics AND you have a very reputable installer with a long track record, that would put more pro’s in the pro column. They force the house to fit the siding, and this generally means cutting stuff up. The texture of it allowed moss and other icky stuff to cling to it, making it look horrible. The stuff they use to trim around windows is atrocious. You will probably lose some architectural details on the house, including having to have the trim around the windows redone or (in some cases) hacked up.

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