How To Get Rid Of Chipmunks At Home?

Without seeing these creatures, evidence of their presence remains as long as you know what signs to look for. All these tips work wonderfully when you know for sure you have a chipmunk problem. However, don’t expect to have success trapping and relocating all of the chipmunks on your property. However, check with local laws in your areas about relocating them, since every state has different restrictions. Check these often to ensure the trapped animal is released back into the wild in a timely fashion. Even tiny little footprints might remain in their wake, with four fingers on the front paws and five on the back. Because chipmunks tend to shy away from humans, you may not ever see one in your yard, even if you do have a few wreaking havoc on your property. You may also notice piles of shelled seeds at the base of bird feeders or dug up plants chipmunks have harvested for food. Start by reducing their food supply like bird seed and remove as much continuous cover as you can. An X-PEST solar powered sonic repellent makes use of ultrasonic pulses to remove chipmunks as well as deer, raccoons, rabbits, and squirrels that may be drawn to your grass.

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You can use a live trap or a lethal trap. Instead, they spend extended periods of time in their nests but can occasionally come out. Use a sealable food storage container when the food is not being eaten and have a scheduled time to feed pets outdoors instead of giving them free rein throughout the day. These last few tips help you pinpoint the signs and advise on when is the best time to call in a professional. Mothballs are not the best solution, as they can harm the environment and they don’t last long. Because chipmunks are incredibly crafty creatures, you need a pest control company that knows how to deal with them specifically. If you’re trying a live trap and still finding it challenging to capture the tiny creatures, try different types of bait to entice your quarry. The latter is much more efficient as chipmunks understand how to remain away from particular creatures, such as coyotes and foxes that feed on them.

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Don’t use too much bait. To cover any cracks or holes you see on the outside of your house, use caulk, expandable building foam or concrete. Plants like mint and garlic make lovely ground cover plants for taller shrubs and floral pieces. Although chipmunks are not primarily climbers, they can easily climb up on a table and chew through the cover of a bag of dog food. 11) Chipmunks hoard food which will attract mice, voles and other vermin. Since these two rodents have same behaviors and habits, the eradication and control methods are similar and will work for both of them. Possums, for example, are almost immune to rabies and help eradicate ticks. From bees to fleas and everything in between, The Dollar Stretcher’s Frugal Pest Control Guide can help you save money battling bugs and other pests. Hair contains nitrogen, which is a chemical commonly found in fertilizers to help plants develop and grow.

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Using old hair clippings, whether from home or after a trip to your barber, is an excellent way to leave behind your scent without continually remaining in the area. Using these increases the effectiveness of your trap, whether utilizing a bucket method or professional device. When baiting a trap, it’s crucial to try different bait to determine which one works best. Use gloves when preparing the traps so that your scent does not scare the animal away from the area.When setting up your chipmunk trap, it’s essential to start with more than one. Choosing one that is squirrel-proof generally does the trick, since they use wires and poles that are difficult for little paws to walk along. Chipmunks are naturally skittish. One option is to grow some of the plants that chipmunks despise in the same garden as your ornamental flowers. Place around gardens and flowers 1/4-inch mesh hardware cloth. This agent does not affect birds, which means you won’t have to sacrifice seeing these beautiful creatures to keep smaller rodents from traipsing around in your garden, though you should only apply it to plants and flowers that you don’t intend to eat.

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Apply the solution to areas where chipmunks frequent, spraying once every two weeks to keep them away for good. By far, the most effective solution when it comes to getting rid of chipmunks, as well as a whole host of other nuisance wildlife, is to remove the food that attracted them in the first place. The second reason involves finding the food itself, which is too easily obstructed by strong odors. When finding the perfect location for your feeder, place it at least seven feet away from any areas where chipmunks might be able to climb down or jump onto the container. If you have bird feeders, make sure that you place them around 15 to 30 feet away from any structure. To make this recipe, bring the water to a boil, then stir in the cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, a hot and spicy ingredient that chipmunks hate to smell and taste.

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