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Decide which side of the board is the “good” side, the side that will be facing up when you install the board, and lay the board on the ground, a sawhorse, or a workstation with the good side facing up. The Score-Then-Snap method uses a box cutter to score the board, with the purpose of the score being to cut the strands of fiberglass mesh on that side of the board. The third step is to flip the board over and cut the fiberglass mesh on the back side using the box cutter. A box cutter is used to score the cement board and cut the fiberglass mesh just under the surface. Costing just $10 or so, the scoring tool features a single, durable tungsten-carbide tip that easily slices into the rock-hard surface of the cement backer board. It is possible to damage the board and weaken it by flexing and cracking the concrete.

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They say you can use 1/4 inch in flooring because the concrete backer board doesn’t supply any structural strength to the floor, but I’ve noticed that the edges of 1/4 inch board tends to get damaged more easily during handling and construction, especially if the tile doesn’t get laid right away. The organizations behind the standards generate fees from managing the certifications of projects as well as handling the logistics of issuing and retiring credits. I understand there might be a concern that water will get behind the walls. With the help of this cut-off saw you can get your driveways, slabs and basement work done in a perfect manner. This is dangerous, so make sure to read the safety instructions for your circular saw and follow them to a tee. There are several ways to cut cement backer board for tile underlayment including a scoring cutter, circular saw, and jigsaw. 3/19/2013 · Cement backer board is a DIYer’s friend—it will let you lay down tile without using a thick bed of mortar. Often using a scoring tool for straight edges and a jigsaw for the rest is a perfect setup. A pencil and straight edge (yardstick or carpenter’s square) is used to measure and mark the board before cutting.

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Draw a line with a carpenter’s pencil where you want to cut the board. Whether you’re looking to make a straight line or circular cut for your project, the steps are simple and straightforward. Not only is it difficult to hold a straight line for the entire cut, but cutting by hand takes a long time if you’re cutting a lot of cement boards. Drill the pilot hole in some of the wasted board to be cut out not right on the line of the cut because you are likely to mess up the smoothness of the sink hole if you try to drill your starter hole there. Now that you know the differences between cement board vs hardiebacker, drywall, and greenboard, lets talk about where is best to use this product. While this may not be the best method for cutting curves or drilling holes around pipes, it’s perfect for straightforward jobs, and it’s the most economical, which is why we love it.

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Sometimes you need to cut holes in cement board, which is commonly done for sinks in countertops. Masonry bits are cutting tools which are used to remove material in order to create holes. And there are several specialty tools you can buy to make that hole, but I’ve gotten really good results using a jigsaw and a metal cutting blade. Guessing which tools will make your job the smoothest can send you on many frustrating trips to your local hardware store. Rob and Janeen (my sister) want to use subway tiles for the tub surround, and having plumb (straight up & down) walls made from cement will ensure the whole job will go smoothly. The score-then-snap is faster and creates less dust, but it can only be used for straight line cuts. This particular depth of cut will give you a straight edge.? Whether for an overhaul of the bathroom or a new look for your kitchen, you need cement board to properly install the ceramic tiles that will be the cornerstone of your renovation. 2. Mark where you’d like to cut the board. However, if you are like me, you save and “downcycle” everything, and you can use old wood blades that have become too dull and worn out to cut wood cleanly.

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