Decorating A Small Living Room – How To Create More Space

If you’re using the same cabinet hardware, bag everything separate and label it. The same theory also works for room decoration. Adding a few floating shelves and wall-mounted CD holders to your living room walls will provide extra storage space for your favorite books, games, CDs, toys, etc. Plus, some wall-mounted shelves are so interestingly designed; they can also be creative items for living room decoration. Tiles can also trick us into seeing the room bigger than it actually is, by adding horizontal lines to the floor and accordingly highlighting its width. It won’t cost too much and will add much more liveliness to your room. Add extra space or even another family room. Typically a basement or garage will work best, but if you’re short on space any room where they can be properly prepped, cleaned and dry undisturbed will be fine. Allow them to dry properly per directions for every layer of paint you do.

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Let them completely dry. It can be obtained at any home improvement store, in a lot of different colors and patterns. Another option from the home improvement store is a kit that contains a putty type material to be painted on, then stone chips, followed by a polyurethane finish. Then sand them with 180-200 grit sandpaper or use a chemical deglazing solution. I included the link for the paint on the cabinets I used, but you could use any acrylic paint. Prime your cabinets. Follow all directions for primer, paint, and polyurethane if you’re sealing them with a top coat. Repeat the preperation steps for your cabinet fronts as well as the painting directions. In between coats you can work on your cabinet fronts. Clean the doors and drawer fronts with TSP or an equally good degreaser. Good for you, you did a wonderful job and your kitchen is stunning.

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No, I’m not talking about you, but your cabinets and chests. We painted the appliances, counters, and cabinets for about $200.00. I started by totally clearing off my counters, and cleaning them well to remove any grease or residue. I think the key to this being successful is proper prep, repair, and cleaning. I held the drain fitting in place with needle nose pliers while it was being tightened. Put Plumbers Putty around the top flange of the drain and drop the fitting in. The counter top will not lay flat when dropped in place if pieces of the staples remain. Lay the counter top on the cabinets and gently slide into position. Imagine cabinets as human bodies. Lean and tall cabinets will make your living room arrangement much easier, as they are more space-saving and can fit into narrow spots that are often left unused. You can, however, make your small living room appear more spacious by choosing the right flooring materials. Some accent furniture such as bookcases and CD racks may be practical but they tend to make a small living room look crowded. Wood, melamine, laminate, will require different types of paint so make sure you are buying what you need for the material they are constructed of.

Decorating A Small Living Room - How To Create More Space primer, paint, and polyurethane

Oil based paint is harder to work with than latex, but holds up well, and the counter can be painted in two coats, with no need for topcoats of varnish. Well, don’t give up on it! Kitchens in any home should be a place that inspires you to eat well, enjoy cooking, and be visually appealing to your heart. Find an area in your home to set up your “work station”. If (probably “when”) you find a leak, tighten things up until the leak is no longer present. You can find these at the Dollar Tree. You can either casually prop a vast mirror on the wall or stylishly decorate the top of the mantelpiece with a row of small mirrors, and you will be surprised at how effectively mirrors can work as a space enhancer. A mirror is a quick fix for a small space. Besides creating a sense of spaciousness, a large mirror can also increase the light and brighten your dull living room, especially when it is positioned opposite to a window.

Decorating A Small Living Room - How To Create More Space cabinets and chests